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    Experience South Tyrol - it's unforgettable!

    Don't miss the diverse range of experiences of South Tyrol! Enjoy sporting activities, discover the rich culture and visit diverse events in Alpine and Mediterranean locations. Whether young or old, everyone will find something suitable. To help you decide, we present our suggestions for an unforgettable holiday in South Tyrol. Experience the diversity!

    Leisure & Experience
    Beach Volley Algund
    Meran/Merano and environs

    Visit the new beach volley area next to the two miniature golf courses. There is also a kiosk which offers a generous selection of drinks and snacks.

    10,00€ / hour / field
    Reservation: 0039 3395012931

    Refill points for drinking water
    Fountain Aufnahme North Meran
    Meran/Merano and environs
    In the course of the project "Respect the mountain" the certified fountains of the municipality of Meran were collected and published. The project raises awareness for environmental friendly, respectful and responsible behaviour on the mountain. The fountains invite you to fill up reusable bottles with fresh and high-quality drinking water.

    Tip: buy a 'pure' soulebottle for € 20.00 directly at the Merano Tourist Information Office, produced in a fair, sustainable and climate-neutral way.

    Places to See
    War Cemetery
    Dolomites Region 3 Zinnen

    On 23rd May 1915, the Kingdom of Italy declared war on the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Italian army occupied Cortina, and the troops of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy withdrew to the Monte Lagazuoi to defend the Val Badia/Gadertal and Val Pusteria/Pustertal valleys. Both armies dug themselves in defensive trenches along the ridges of the Monte Lagazuoi and many other Dolomite mountains. The mountains were to become the scene of an incredible high-altitude war.

    The War Cemetery is the last home of non-Germanspeaking Austro-Hungarian soilders.

    Water Sports
    Bolzano/Bozen and environs

    Enjoy the Avisio river with us, an amazing experience is waiting for you!

    Places to See
    Andreas Hofer Memorial
    Meran/Merano and environs

    This bronze statue dedicated to South Tyrol’s most important freedom fighter is located in a small park in front of the train station. It was erected in 1914 to commemorate the centennial of Tyrol’s return to Austria after years of Napoleonic rule.

    Forts & Castles
    Haus Pichler (Tschurtschenthaler-Pichler inn)
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road
    Structure on the Kirchplatz marked by late-Gothic and Renaissance influences. Stone bench along the
    façade facing the square with 17th-century wrought-iron window grilles on the upper floor. Courtyard wall
    to the west with merlons and integrated portal with plastic sandstone framework. Jambs decorated with
    scrollwork surround a blazon featuring pretzels and waterwheel on the door lintel in reference to the mill
    and bakery that once existed here.
    The former princely fief with its press for tithe wine once belonged to Castle Auer opposite.
    Bathing Lakes & Outdoor Pools
    Open Air swimming pool Ora/Auer
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    The Open Air swimming pool in Auer/Ora offers you the possibility to relax or have fun with your whole family. Wheter you choose the pool for the children or the water slide - it's all up to you.

    Refill points for drinking water
    Fountain Gratsch Schlossweg Meran
    Meran/Merano and environs
    In the course of the project "Respect the mountain" the certified fountains of the municipality of Meran were collected and published. The project raises awareness for environmental friendly, respectful and responsible behaviour on the mountain. The fountains invite you to fill up reusable bottles with fresh and high-quality drinking water.

    Tip: buy a 'pure' soulebottle for € 20.00 directly at the Merano Tourist Information Office, produced in a fair, sustainable and climate-neutral way.

    Forts & Castles
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    Complex of residential and farm buildings on the Wasserfallstrasse and the St. Kolumbangasse, arranged at an acute angle and grouped around a courtyard. Its core is located at the intersection of the two roads; it was expanded in the early 17th century, during the Renaissance, as indicated by the stone-framed courtyard gate with the monogram “Hans Pock” and the date 1626: the year 1620 could once be read on a double-arched window.

    Bathing Lakes
    Kneipp path in Anterivo/Altrei
    Bolzano/Bozen and environs

    Visit the Kneipp facilities in Anterivo/Altrei and learn which effect simple, cold water can have on health and wellbeing. The recreational area for mind and soul has all the facilities needed to make water applications according to the theorie of Sebastian Kneipp.

    The application rules are described in detail on the spot, so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the refreshing experience of a Kneipp path.

    Near this Kneipp facilities, they have made another small one only for kids!

    For the benefit of all, the prescribed protective measures must be observed!

    Forts & Castles
    Wohlgemuth – Haus (Graiff)
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    Majestic estate house with imposing residential quarters and adjacent farm wing to the west. Originally owned by the Wohlgemuth family from Planitzing. In 1874 it was acquired by Josef Malfèr and rebuilt.

    The front garden and staircase date from this time.

    The property was acquired in the interwar years by the merchant Daniel Graiff.

    Places to See
    Texelgruppe Nature Park
    Meran/Merano and environs

    The Texelgruppe Nature Park, which encompasses more than 30,000 hectares, is the largest nature park in South Tyrol. It is situated between the Etschtal, Vinschgau, Schnalstal and Passeiertal valleys and the main chain of the Alps.

    Some of the most beautiful hiking routes around Meran/Merano are located within this unique protected area. Examples include the Merano High Mountain Trail, which loops around the Texel Group over the course of several days, or the hike to the Spronser Seen lakes, one of the largest lake districts in Europe. The diverse geography and nature of the Texelgruppe Nature Park boasts deciduous and larch forests, high moors, blooming Alpine pastures, rugged rock faces, roaring streams, crystal-clear mountain lakes and panoramic peaks.

    The Texelgruppe range boasts attractions beyond its diverse flora and fauna: the remains of prehistoric settlements, fortifications and places of worship demonstrate that mankind has long been attracted to this fantastic area. Neolithic engraved stones, "Ötzi the Iceman,” as well as the old ‘path of the dead’ from Pfelders/Plan to Dorf Tirol/Tirolo underscore the early presence of man in the Texelgruppe range area. In the late Middle Ages, due to the increase in population, farmsteads were operated year round up to an altitude of 2,000 metres. 

    The Texelgruppe Nature Park is shared by the municipalities of Schnals/Senales, Naturns/Naturo, Partschins/Parcines, Algund/Lagundo, Dorf Tirol, Riffian/Rifiano, St. Martin in Passeier/San Martino in Passiria and Moos in Passeier/Moso in Passiria.


    Forts & Castles
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    Extended structure consisting of three components dating from the Renaissance of the early 17th century. The starting point for its architectural development was a two-storey Gothic core on the Kirchplatz with the basement containing two large, vaulted rooms used for agricultural purposes. Several sandstone-framed windows and a portal in stone with lozenge-shaped ashlars and rosettes indicate the significant extension works during the Renaissance.

    A large park is located directly to the east of the Steinkellerhaus.

    Forts & Castles
    Nardinhof (also the Pottaschenhof or Maffeihaus)
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    Large estate building on an L-shaped plan, surrounded by a walled enclosure. The original medieval core, realised in the 13th century, was extended in the early 17th century. Its alternative name, the “Pottaschenhof [potash farm]”, refers to the potash once produced here that was used for laundry purposes.

    Forts & Castles
    "Schöpferhof" (Stenico house)
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    The medieval core, near the Kirchplatz, was rebuilt and considerably altered in the late-Gothic and Renaissance eras of the 16th and 17th centuries. Original staircase as well as rib-vaulted hall. The remains of late-Gothic murals from the early 16th century were uncovered on the second floor.

    Lakes, cascades
    Gorge Gaider Schlucht
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road
    Over time, the stream Gaiderbach has cut deeply into the porphyry rock and formed a narrow, distinctive gorge with waterfalls. The gorge presents itself simply fascinating and breathtaking: the mossy rock faces, the power of the water, the species-rich vegetation (including ferns and various species of orchids) form an undisturbed interplay of nature.
    Sports and leisure
    The path of the breath
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road
    The breath path measures 661 meters and was created at 1300 meters above sea level. above the sports field of Anterivo.
    The breath path is effective
    • when you have to breathe your way of life
    • when you need to be helped to walk
    • when you have to look for solutions to problems.
    The breath path should always be used with:

    • slowness
    • caution in the movements
    • spirit of listening and reflection.
    Before embarking on the path of breath, read calmly the sign written in 4 languages. You are now free to know all the places on the path.
    Churches & Monasteries
    The church of St. Ingenuin and Albuin in Saubach
    Brixen/Bressanone and environs

    The patrons of the Saubach parish church are St. Ingenuin and St. Albuin. The church was first mentioned in 1398. However, the choice of patrons concludes that the church is much older. Today this olt, gothic church is an attraction for many art lovers. It was built during the 15th Century. The consecration of the altars took place in 1502. When you go inside of the church on the porphyry portal with its pointed arch, you will immediately be impressed by the delicate rips of the net-like vault, the four custom-made windows and the three wing altars. In 1925, a fire did substantial damage the church, but with the help of donations from all around the country, the helmet-like tower and the roof could be renewed. Information about opening times at the Barbiano Tourist Information Office, +39 0471 654411,
    The keys are available in the Tschörlerhof, (+39 0471 654032, in the morning) and in the Gasthof Saubacherhof (+39 0471 654344, in the afternoon,) or by telephone arrangement.

    Churches & Monasteries
    Parish Church in Altrei/Anterivo
    Bolzano/Bozen and environs

    The parish church of St. Catherine and St. James is located at the southwest end of the village and was built in the 15th century. It is a simple neo-gothic building, where at the end of the bell tower instead of the typical neo-gothic pyramid, is a “copper helmet”.

    Churches & Monasteries
    The Holy Trinity Church in Colma/Kollmann
    Brixen/Bressanone and environs

    The Holy Trinity Church in Kollmann was previously called the customs chapel and was connected to the customs office by a wooden walkway. The church itself was built around 1588 and nearly destroyed by a fire in 1938. In the meantime, it has been renovated. It is open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Holy Mass: Sunday at 8:30 clock or 10:00 clock (german)

    Crib Collection, Muri Gries Monastery
    Bolzano/Bozen and environs

    Since 1991 The Monastery Muri Gries holds an interesting nativity crib museum. Open every Saturday from 1st December to 2nd February 15-17 pm, from 3rd February to 30th November only the first Saturday of the month, in July and August on request.

    Culture & Attractions
    Crushing furnace
    Bolzano/Bozen and environs
    The macerator renovated in 1993 was in use
    until the middle of the last century and was used for
    processing of the flax plant.Process
    of working: the maceration was heated
    wood burning.When the optimum temperature was
    reached the linen sheaves, resting on one
    wooden grill, turned and turned, were macerated
    until the desired was reached
    cracking.Then with the kneading machine we proceeded
    immediately upon separation of the part
    woody and own from the fiber: this way the was obtained the
    real linen fiber.The fiber thus obtained
    could now be woven.Processing at
    maceratoio was mainly carried out by the
    peasant women.
    Forts & Castles
    Villa Auerheim (Potschenhof)
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    Three-storey building in neo-Romanesque style; adjacent park with high trees. Single-run outside staircase to the first floor on the northwest side of the palazzo-like main building, with corner pilaster strips to the side, topped with a small turret. An aedicule with the Queen of the Rosary faces the main street. The courtyard entrance features portal pillars in the Mannerist style dating from 1612.

    Churches & Monasteries
    Stumbling stones in Auer/Ora
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road
    The "Stolpersteine" (stumbling stones) are a project by the Berlin artist Gunter Demnig that began in 1992. Small memorial plaques laid in the ground, these "Stolpersteine", are intended to commemorate the fate of people who were persecuted, murdered, deported, expelled or driven to suicide during the National Socialist era.
    Sports and leisure
    Tennis court in Anterivo/Altrei
    Bolzano/Bozen and environs

    Fun at a tennis match in the middle in the nature park Trudner Horn  in Altrei. Reservations are accepted directly in the sports bar "Ebnerrast".

    Information can be obtained at the tourist office

    Tel. +39 0471 882077 Tel. +39 0471 869078

    Sports and leisure
    Skittle Alley Algund
    Meran/Merano and environs

    There are 4 automated bowling lanes in the "Peter Thalguter House" in the center of Lagundo.

    Churches & Monasteries
    Maria Heimsuchung chapel
    Sterzing/Vipiteno and environs

    The Maria Heimsuchung chapel in Brennerbad/Terme di Brennero between the villages of Brenner/Brennero and Gossensass/Colle Isarco was built in the time of the noble tourism around 1900. In this period of time uncountable celebrities found accommodations in the gorgeous Grand Hotel and the village of Brennerbad/Terme di Brennero had also an own train station. However, a first chapel was already consacrated 1680 in honor of the Maria Heimsuchung chapel.

    1882 effected the laying of the cornerstone to the chapel of today. Built according to the drafts of the master builder Josef Vonstadl, it was consecrated in 1886.

    The Neoromanic building consists of a nave and two side aisles and a round apsis. The first high altar was made by F. Schmalzlaus from St. Ulrich/Ortisei, but it seems that already in the year 1889 the chapel received a new altar, made by the sculptor Stufflesser according to drafts by Johann Maria Reiter.

    Culture & Attractions
    Limekiln in Anterivo/Altrei
    Bolzano/Bozen and environs

    The limekiln in Truden is a kind of kiln where in the past people used to produce quicklime from limestone. The process of lime burning was hard work, but had also some positive aspects: Young and old often met at the limekiln to celebrate the successful lime burning.

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