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    Experience South Tyrol - it's unforgettable!

    Don't miss the diverse range of experiences of South Tyrol! Enjoy sporting activities, discover the rich culture and visit diverse events in Alpine and Mediterranean locations. Whether young or old, everyone will find something suitable. To help you decide, we present our suggestions for an unforgettable holiday in South Tyrol. Experience the diversity!

    Guides, schools
    Bowling alley Hotel Nocker
    Dolomites Region 3 Zinnen

    The bowling alley is located in the Hotel Nocker. The cost is 12,00 € per hour. A reservation must be made.                                             

    Places to See
    Natural Heritage Blaue Lacke/Pozza azzurra
    Meran/Merano and environs
    The small mountain lake "Blaue Lacke" is located in the basin of the Blaulackenkopf, the Kreuzspitze and the Texelspitze and lies at approx. 2915 m.
    Size: approx. 105 x 65 m;
    Colour: brownish-green, murky water;
    The lake lies lonely and alone. At present only a small slope glacier remains.
    It has changed a lot in the last 10 years and has shrunk considerably.

    It is best reached from Katharinaberg, via the Schrofl-Hof, from there continue in the direction of the Mair-Alm, then take path no. 9 to the GinglJoch, which lies at 2938 m; now go left up over large stone slopes to the Blaulackenkopf (3163 m), from here the lake is clearly visible.

    (Source: Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano / Ripartizione Natura, Paesaggio e Sviluppo del Territorio)
    Guides, schools
    Dolomites Region Val Gardena

    Amanageableequipmentand the ability tovirtuallyoperate thesportanytime, anywhere, makesslacklininginto a realtrendSlackline-rental at the Tourist office Selva Gardena.

    Forts & Castles
    King Laurin and his Rosengarten
    Dolomites Region Seiser Alm

    The legend of the King Laurin

    A long time ago at the Catinaccio was the King Laurin.

    The hard-working dwarfs lived there. One day the King esposed his daughter Similde with another King of the Adige. All the noble people were invited but he does not. So he decided to go on this competition with a magic hood as a invisible guest to see his beautiful Similde. He saw her and fell in love with Similde.

    The King took her on his horse and rode away. Similde's husband and his cavaliers was searching her. King Laurin knew that they are coming so he took the miracle belt to got more power. They fight each other and the King saw that he has no chance. So he decide to take his magic hood again and to jump throw the Catinaccio. The cavaliers saw the movement of the roses and captured him.

    He was so angry that the Catinaccio betrayed him, so he cursed them: Neither day nor night should anyone ever see him. Laurin forgot the dusk and so it comes that today we can see it with his blooming roses for a short time...

    Sports and leisure
    Bolzano/Bozen and environs

    Automatic Bowling alleys: Sportzentrum Aldein Tel. +39 0471 886 072+39 0471 886 072 / Gasthaus Jochgrimm Tel. +39 0471 887 232+39 0471 887 232

    Forts & Castles
    Spauregg Castle
    Meran/Merano and environs

    This stately home dates back to the XII century and is owned by the descendants of Knight Franz Ferdinand von und zu Goldegg. The splendid gardens are the home of many Mediterranean trees as well as an old yew-tree, a cypress and an incredible 140 years old, 45 mt. tall Mammoth Tree.

    The castle itself is not open to visitors.

    Churches & Monasteries
    Tower of the old Magdalena church
    Bolzano/Bozen and environs

    The tower of the old Magdalena church is situated in Vadena/Pfatten. First the tower was part of the old parish church, but its position was near the river Adige/Etsch which was often afloat. The church was destroyed in 1794 and the tower is the only thing left of it.

    Sport Climbing
    Natural Climbing Wall Stone City
    Dolomites Region Val Gardena

    A true"city" of boulders provides this climbing. While constantly emerging routes to the larger rocks develop the smaller in  their sum to one of the biggest bouldering areas of Italy.

    Forts & Castles
    Crane and pump of water train station Töll/Tel
    Meran/Merano and environs

    The last original, preserved and still functioning water crane in South Tyrol dating from the Austro-Hungarian era is located at the Bad Egart Imperial and Royal Museum (K.u.K. Museum Bad Egart) in Töll/Tel. The water tower was built in 1910 and the accompanying water crane was installed at the same time. Water cranes were used in the 19th century to supply steam locomotives with large amounts of water.

    The museum acquired the water crane at the historic railway station in Töll from the Italian Ferrovie dello Stato railway company in the 1980s. It was recently extensively renovated, along with the accompanying water tower, by the provincial authorities in Bozen/Bolzano. The water crane is four meters high and consists of a cast-iron, freestanding vertical pipe with Art Nouveau ornamentation and a rotating arm which can be laterally swung over the track. It weighs 2000 kilograms. An 80-centimeter-tall lamp is attached to the top of the crane, which was powered by gas. In future, this will be mounted again on the water tower. There is a tank made of iron on the upper floor of the water tower, into which the water was pumped from the water reserves adjacent to the site. The amount of water required and the required water pressure could be controlled by means of the water tower and the on-site tank.

    In the 19th century, similar water supply systems were located approximately every 25 to 30 km along the railway line and at shorter distances in the low mountains.

    Forts & Castles
    Meran/Merano and environs

    The Schlerihaus belongs to the castle complex of Stachlburg: until the year 2000 it stood ugly and ignored at the edge of Peter-Mitterhof-Platz square. For many years the ground floor had served as stables, and the upper floor as temporary housing for harvest workers. It has since been renovated, and several beautiful frescoes salvaged. The Knights’ Hall (Rittersaal) was built around 1700, as a setting for the landlords to host private parties.

    Once every autumn since 2009, the current landlord, the Baron von Kripp, opens his beautiful hall to hold a concert in memory of his ancestor, Johann von Stachl. The concert includes selected early music performed on period instruments, organized in collaboration with the Local Heritage Association (Verein für Heimatpflege) of Partschins/Parcines, the Association of Friends of Stachlburg (Verein Freunde der Stachlburg) and the Tourism Association of Partschins-Rabland.

    The interiors cannot be visited!

    Angling & Fishing
    Fishing Untersee Pond in Varna/Vahrn
    Brixen/Bressanone and environs

    Fishing without licence at Vahrn, the fishing pond Untersee. Open from 1st March to 30th November, open hours: from 8.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m., charge for the fishing card: available at the club house

    Forts & Castles
    Red Tower
    Dolomites Region 3 Zinnen

    The Red Tower is named after the red color of its paint, but it is also named Hornberger Tower. It was bulit in 1430.                                                     

    Climbing crag Landro
    Dolomites Region 3 Zinnen

    This climbing crag with its three sectors is the most popular in Val di Landro/Höhlensteintal because of the short approach. Beginners and amitious climbers will be rewarded.

    Approach time: 1 min.

    Ice Climbing
    Ice Tower Solda
    Vinschgau/Val Venosta

    At the artificially created ice tower next to the Solda sports centre, even beginners will find top spots where they can experience the fascination of this sport. There is also the possibility to get a course in ice climbing from the Alpin School Ortler.

    Ski Rental
    Ski rental Papin Sport
    Dolomites Region 3 Zinnen

    Our ski rental is located near the train station. It is possible to rent downhill and cross country skies.

    08:30 – 12:00     14:00 – 17:00

    Churches & Monasteries
    New Parish Church of Rabland/Rablà
    Meran/Merano and environs

    The Christkönigskirche church, also known as the new parish church, was built between 1961 and 1963. The church has a flat-ceiling nave with a separate altar area. The two stained glass windows are by Heiner Gschwendt from Klausen/Chiusa, the church organ, consecrated in 1987, is by Andrea Zeni, and all other works of art connected with the church, including the granite fountain in front of the church and the statue of the Archangel Michael made of Lasa marble housed in a niche on the church square, are by the famous artist Friedrich Gurschler (1923-2020†).

    Friedrich Gurschler was born in February 1923 on a farm near Unsere Frau/Madonna di Senales in Schnalstal Valley and is an honorary citizen of Partschins/Parcines.

    Churches & Monasteries
    Church of St. Mary
    Dolomites Region 3 Zinnen

    The church of St. Mary is built in Gothic style. The Gothic middle relief and the side figures are significant. From the church there starts a path of meditation which leads to the chapel San Pietro in Monte/St. Peter am Kofl.

    Climbing Fortezza Franzensfeste
    Brixen/Bressanone and environs

    Since 2005, Franzensfeste has become a very popular meeting point for climbers. Over the past few years, the climbing crag has been equipped by an independent group of climbing enthusiasts of the CAI who managed to create a crag which is now known throughout the region. Underneath the large central sector with routes of easy and medium difficulty, there is a smaller sector with short, but more difficult routes. Recently, the team has begun to work on a new sector directly above the central sector. It promises long routes, even mutli-pitches, for all preferences. The crag is very suitable for families with small children because of its proximity to the main road. Furthermore, just underneath the wall there is a meadow with tables and benches.

    The Franzensfeste climbing park enjoys great popularity among beginners and families. It is easily accessible by bus or railway and a 15 minutes' walk from the fortress Franzensfeste.

    Churches & Monasteries
    Parish Church of St. Peter and Paul in Partschins
    Meran/Merano and environs

    This church was first mentioned in a document in 1264 and rebuilt in late Gothic style in 1502. It is worth mentioning some marble sculptures and mural paintings as well as a wooden sculpture by the famous artist Jörg Lederer from Kaufbeuren.

    Ice Skating
    Ice skating stadium
    Dolomites Region 3 Zinnen

    Ice skating is one of the most elegant sports. Whether you skate a few rounds, enjoy a relaxing evening with friends or simply want to try to slide on the slim blades.                                  

    Places to See
    Montelbon Roman Votive Stone
    Meran/Merano and environs

    The Montelbon manor house with its façade fresco (Maria Hilf) and round-arched passage is situated in the centre of the village of Partschins.
    Uphill from it a medieval curtain wall still exists today with an arched gateway. The building is a protected monument.

    Some time ago, during work to repair windows on the first floor of the manor, the top part of an inscription stone made of white marble was found. For a long time nobody could explain its meaning, and therefore the stone was left lying in the house unnoticed. In 1954 a second stone was found in the dairy opposite. This proved to be the second part of the inscription stone, which fitted exactly below the top section. 

    The inscription on the Roman era votive stone is difficult to read and incompletely preserved. For this reason, its exact meaning is a matter of interpretation. For example, it might be that the words on the so-called “beneficarius stone” refer to a private working for a financial or customs procurator. Equally, it might be about an assistant beneficarius. In the Roman Empire, beneficarii exercised a role resembling that of a police officer. The beneficarius, who was answerable to the governor of the Province of Raetia, could have been stationed in Partschins and responsible for checking the traffic, as well as for maintaining the Via Claudia Augusta. This might be proof of the possibility that the Rhaetian-Italic border ran to the south/east of Partschins. However these interpretations remain open to question. (Cf. Kaufmann, 2018, p. 50).

    The Montelbon Votive Stone is on display in Merano Municipal Museum. The building is privately owned and the inside is not open to visitors.

    Forts & Castles
    Stachlburg Castle
    Meran/Merano and environs

    This castle dates from before 1300 and was once the home of the Lords of Partschins/Parcines. It is now the Castle Vineyard of Baron Sigmund von Kripp and his family. It is possible to visit the wine cellar and inner courtyard during weekly wine tasting events held every Thursday.

    The interios cannot be visited.

    Forts & Castles
    Peter Mitterhofer house and grave stone
    Meran/Merano and environs

    The house of Peter Mitterhofer is first mentioned as the Zimmerhaus im Obergarten in a document dating to 1431. Peter Mitterhofer (1822-1893) lived in the house for 31 years and developed six typewriter models in his workshop there; the first of these prototypes was also the earliest of its kind, in 1864. It is known that Peter Mitterhofer designed six different typewriter models during the period between 1864 and 1869. The first model (1864, The Unsuccessful) is housed today at the Technical Museum of Industry and Commerce in Vienna. The second model was discovered accidentally in 1911 hidden in a secret compartment in the attic of Peter Mitterhofer’s house in Partschins/Parcines. The third model remains missing to this day – although Peter Mitterhofer travelled with it from Partschins/Parcines to Vienna on foot in 1866. The fourth model (the Meran model) was created in 1866, with the help of better financial resources after his return from Vienna. This model is on display at the Palais Mamming City Museum in Meran/Merano. Peter Mitterhofer completed his fifth typewriter prototype in 1869 (the Wien model). It was his intention to build a perfectly functioning typewriter. For this model he would need much more time than he had been promised in his subsidy request of 1866 in Vienna.

    He made the journey from Partschins/Parcines to Vienna on foot for the second time in December 1869. There is evidence that Peter Mitterhofer received 150 guilders from the Emperor Franz Joseph I for his Meran model. This typewriter passed into the collection of the Polytechnic, where it faded into obscurity. On June 21, 1910, a typewriter labeled as old typewriter of unknown origin, allegedly Austrian was delivered to the Technical Museum in Vienna along with many other items.

    The evidence that the model was connected with Peter Mitterhofer is provided by a letter from Peter Mitterhofer to Franz Ferdinand Goldegg zu Lindenburg (1798-1878). The character of the font and a close comparison of the lettering in this typewritten letter leave no doubt as to this analysis.

    The interiors of the residence are not open to the public. The inventor’s grave and memorial stone are located in the old cemetery at the east wall of the Pfarrkirche Partschins parish church.

    Places to See
    Natural Heritage Chestnut Oberweirach-Hof
    Meran/Merano and environs

    Registered as a natural monument since 1979 with the Provincia Autonoma of Bolzano Department of Nature, Landscape and Spatial Development. The reason for protection is its aesthetic peculiarity.

    The sweet chestnut tree is located directly at the Oberweirachhof in Töll, Via Weirachweg and can be visited during a hike along the Peter Mitterhofer cultural hiking trail.

    The Oberweirachhof is located near the Buschenschank Unterweirachhof (here you can find the natural monument grapevine "Weißer Heunischer").

    The crown of the chestnut tree is densely leafy and well formed. It projects over the nearby Talgütl farm.

    Churches & Monasteries
    Chapel of St. Helena in Töll/Tel
    Meran/Merano and environs

    Gothic building which was first mentioned in a document in 1326. The interior of the chapel offers a statue of St. Helen, two neo-Gothic altars (consecrated to St. Nepomuk and St. Valentine) as well as a crucifix from the 17th century.

    Culture & Attractions
    Murales Töll/Tel
    Meran/Merano and environs

    A late birthday present for a brilliant inventor

    The large mural that has been on display recently alongside the Etsch cycle path on the Töll is a gift to Peter Mitterhofer. It is there to commemorate the 200th anniversary of his birth on 20th September 2022. Peter Mitterhofer is probably one of the best known sons of the commune of Partschins. With his invention of the typewriter, he laid the foundations for our modern IT age. However, he was not to experience fame and glory in his lifetime. Only later, years after his death, did experts recognise his outstanding achievements.

    Peter Mitterhofer was a carpenter, an ingenious tinkerer and inventor, a jack-of-all trades, who, among other things, also mastered the art of ventriloquism. His ideas were progressive, his views often inconvenient and revolutionary. This mural, which carries the artistic signature of the designers Alice Lotti and Egeon, seeks to convey the equally complex and fascinating character of Peter Mitterhofer. A graphic monument that picks up on every aspect of his personality – the man and the inventor – and skilfully illustrates it with a successful combination of colourful contrasts, geometric elements and images.

    This work of art has been created under the leadership of curator, Anna Bernard from OUTBOX - Urban Art in South Tyrol, with many busy hands, young helpers and generous supporters making a contribution to it. We are sure of one thing: Peter Mitterhofer would have been pleased!   

    Culture & Attractions
    Open air Museum of Technical Machinery
    Meran/Merano and environs

    The collection includes three agricultural machines, all dating from 1903. They are 5mt. in height and are proof that the Vinschgau/Venosta valley was once regarded as the bread-basket of South Tyrol. You’ll find the open air museum of Technical Machinery along the river Adige Cycle Path in Rabland/Rablà.

    Refill points for drinking water
    Respect the mountains - Fountain "Lassnig" - drinking water refill point
    Meran/Merano and environs
    Partschins spring water to refill your drinking bottle
    South Tyrolean drinking water refill points & fountains

    The "Lassnig" drinking water fountain is located opposite the "Engel" accommodation in the Via Stachelburgweg in Partschins/Parcines and is freely accessible.

    At this fountain it is possible to refill your own drinking bottle with fresh water.

    The "Lassnig" drinking water fountain is located opposite the "Engel" accommodation in Stachelburgweg in Parcines and is freely accessible.

    We in Parcines are lucky enough to be able to turn on the tap and enjoy excellent drinking water that flows from various mountain springs into our fountains and households.

    Every plastic bottle means waste! By using reusable drinking bottles, we can fight together against the global plastic waste problem. Please renounce to buy plastic bottles and enjoy our fresh tap water!
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